The story behind Charlie’s Pritchon®


The Pritchon® is a culinary innovation of Charlie Esguerra and his wife, Dina Mayuga. In 2001, while stuck in EDSA traffic, the idea of frying a suckling pig instead of roasting it the traditional lechon way came to Charlie. Two weeks later, Dina had a dream where her deceased mother told her to wrap the fried lechon in pita bread and serve it with different sauces. Thus, Charlie’s Pritchon® was born.

It was soon joined by the Pritchopabo® — deep-fried turkey wrapped in pita and drizzled wth various sauces — and the Baked Norwegian Salmon. These and Charlie’s other well-loved dishes deliciously complement the Pritchon (R).  All offerings of the Pritchon® Corporation are developed and delivered using the Pritchon® Service Concept: cooked without shortcuts and served with personalized care.

Today, Charlie’s continues to bring families together through food — preparing for the next generation of customers to fall in love with the Pritchon®