Company Profile

Company Profile

Charlie’s Pritchon® is a quality brand by Pritchon Corporation. The company started with its flagship product called Pritchon, a fried lechon wrapped in pita wedges and served with seven kinds of sauces. Pritchon has now become a Philippine delicacy that always finds its place on the premier tables during special occasions and festive events. Over time, the company has ventured into different cuisines, but has still kept its unique style of cooking and service for its customers. At the moment, the company serves almost 20 different kinds of dishes to choose from. Charlie’s Pritchon® makes dishes that are cooked without shortcuts or compromises. Our delicacies are well seasoned and well prepared, with the quality and service in each dish as the top priority of our company.

We belong to the PRITCHON CORPORATION – a food service company. Our mission is to promote happiness and closer ties to families through our personalized service and innovative dishes to be served during family or group gatherings.

We are committed to product quality and excellent service as we bring gourmet dishes fit for noblemen closer to home. Customer satisfaction shall be our utmost concern.

We take pride in being a Filipino company as we promote our Filipino heritage worldwide based on our product presentation.

We are committed to improving the quality of life of our employees, and shareholders in all aspects as we serve our customers.


Vision & Mission



by not compromising on the ingredients and other materials used in the process and delivering fresh products at all times



by exceeding the expectations of our customers and

authorities on the maintenance, sanitation and safety of our products and our kitchen facilities



by providing a family atmosphere for our customers, employees, and all other people with whom we are dealing with. We believe in treating our people with respect,trust, open communication and an opportunity for them to maximize their potentials and improve the quality of their personal lives



by constantly researching on ways to improve our products and service and introducing new dishes to the market



by uniformly applying all the company policies, standards and procedures to all. We commit also to be consistent in the taste and appearance of our products and consistent in the way we serve our customers



by always having in mind the preferences of our customers



by providing complete and correct information to our customers, employees and other people we are dealing with



by maximizing the returns without sacrificing the quality and satisfaction of our customers for the benefit of our employees and shareholders